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    Zhao Yanchun, a professor of the Center for Linguistic, Literary & Cultural Studies and a Doctor graduated from Guangdong University of Foreign Studies, acts as the head of the Center for Foreign Languages and Linguistics Studies and the academic leader of English discipline in Chongqing, specializing in the studies of cognitive lexicography and meanwhile studying in such areas as theoretic linguistics, pragmatics, translation studies,etc. His work,Cognitive Exploration of Lexicographyis crowned as the pioneering one in the field of cognitive lexicography.

    Major publications:


    1.On Translation of Chinese Poems[M]. Qingdao: Qingdao Publishing House, 2007.

    2.A Reductionist Approach to Translatology[M]. Chongqing: Chongqing Publishing House, 2004.

    3.A Philosophical Critique of Linguistic Theories[M]. Chongqing: Chonqing Publishing House, 2004.

    4.Cognitive Exploration of Lexicography[M]. Shanghai: Shanghai Foreign Education Press, 2003.


    1. Definition and Generative Mechanism of Idioms — Can idioms pose a challenge to the principle of compositionality [J].Foreign Language Education, 2008 (6).

    2. The Deficiency of a Priori and Essence — Rethinking Cognitive Linguistics [J].Foreign Language Research,2007 (6).

    3. Seeking the Essence of Translation — A case study of Bible [J].Foreign Language Teaching and Research,2006 (4).

    4. The Beauty of Chinese — An investigation of Chinese features in light of the theory of principle and parameter [J].Chinese Character Culture,2005 (4).

    5. The Orientation and Nature of Culture Theorists [J].Journal of Sichuan International Studies University,2004 (6).

    6. Rethinking Manipulation Theories [J].Journal of Foreign Language,2003 (4).

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