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    Zhang Tao, professor of North American Studies Center, obtained his Ph.D. degree from Peking University and is now as an M.A. supervisor in American Studies. His major research fields include American socio-cultural history and the history of Sino-American relations. He has published about twenty papers and three monographs. He was awarded the first and second prizes in the academic evaluations of Sichuan International Studies University in 2004 and 2006 respectively. In 2006, one of his monographs won him a third prize in the fifth academic evaluation of Chongqing.

    Major Publications:


    1.Rise of America’s National Consciousness.Beijing: Ethnic Publishing House, 2008.

    2.American Studies Movement. Beijing: Commercial press, 2004.

    3.Schoolof Consensus in Post-War America. Beijing: People’s Publishing House, 2002.


    1. Studies of Confucius’s Thought in American Academic Journals of the 20th Century.Academic Forum, 2008 (11).

    2. Media Support for the Canal Mania in Early America: On the Attention of Magazines to National Destiny in the Early Republic.Collected Papers of History Studies, 2007 (6).

    3. American Missionaries and Chongqing in the Late 19th Century. In Priscilla Roberts, ed.Bridging the Sino-American Divide: American Studies and Sino-Us Relations.Cambridge, UK: Cambridge Scholars Press, 2007.

    4. American Historical Review's Image of China in the 1990s.Collected Papers of History Studies, 2004 (3).

    5. Anglo-French Recognition of North American Wholeness and the Formation of American Nationality.World History, 2003 (5).

    6. Pre-modern American Liberal Arts Education and the Start of American Studies.Journal of Sichuan International Studies University, 2003 (5).

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