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    Hou Guojin, pofessor of the Center for Linguistic, Literary & Cultural Studies. Graduated from Shanghai International Studies University in 2004 (followed by a postdoctoral research from Fudan University (2004-2006)), he is now teaching pragmatics as a master supervisor (being a member of China Pragmatics Association). He also teaches theoretical linguistics and translation. As far as his many papers are concerned, he was granted ‘1stPrize’ for a paper about pun translation, by Chongqing Translation Association, and ‘3ndAward’ for his book (2005) by Chongqing Government, to name just a few.

    Major Publications:


    1.Dominant pragmatics Issues and the Way to Pragmatranslatology. Sichuan University Press, 2008.

    2.Pragmatic Markedness Hypothesis -- Microscopic Investigation. Sichuan University Press, 2005.

    3.Pragmatic Markedness Theory and Application — A New Approach to Translation Evaluation.Sichuan university Press, 2005.


    1. The Pragmatics of Redundant Negation.Language Teaching and Linguistic Studies,2008 (5).

    2. Pragmatic Motivation and Pragmatic Conditions of Non-Word Use.Foreign Language Research,2007 (1).

    3. Pragmatic Markedness Relevance-Model of Cooperativeness — A Comprehensive Review of Classic and Neo-Gricean Pragmatics.Foreign Language Teaching, 2006 (3).

    4. Regulation and Category-Shifting — Category-Shifting Strategies of Pragmatic Ambiguity.Rhetoric Learning,2005 (5).

    5. Markedness Degrees of Pragmatics Vagueness and Meta-Pragmatic Awareness. Foreign Languages, 2005 (1).

    6. Indirectness of Instructions and Counterfactual Space.Foreign Language Research,2003 (4).

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