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    Yang Quanhong, professor of Center for Translation Studies, specializing in the studies of translation theory and practice. He has so far published scores of papers in such journals asChinese Translators JournalandShanghai Journal of Translators, and has accomplished two provincial research projects.

    Major Publications:


    1.Ten Top Translators in China. Changchun: Jilin Peoples Publishing House, 2004.

    2.Approaches to Translation of Chinese Words and Expressions into English.Shanghai: Chinese Dictionary Publishing House, 2003.

    3.A Concise Handbook of Chinese-English Expressions of Current Events.State Publishing House [Taiwan], 2004.


    1. Recollections of Qian Zhongshu in the Field of Translation.Foreign Languages in China,2008 (1).

    2. What is the English Poem First Translated into Chinese? .Comparative Literature in China,2007 (3).

    3. Impressions about Professor Lu Gusun .Foreign Languages in China,2006 (3).

    4.A Study of Qian Zhongshu’s English Translation of the Chinese Idiom “chi yi qian, zhang yi zhi” .Chinese Social Science Digest,2005 (5).

    5. Englishing of Chinese Neologisms: A Problematic Task .Chinese Translators Journal,2003 (5).

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